Stories for fun early learning

Learn the ABC with Timmy

Explore letters and everyday objects with Timmy the Mouse in this alphabet activity book for preschoolers (Ages 4-5).

Find Timmy’s shoes

Read, write and draw with Timmy as he searches for his shoes before leaving for school! (Ages 4-6)

Carrots & Hay creates unique story-themed learning materials for preschool learning.

Simplify learning and have meaningful experiences with your children using our specially crafted learning activities and stories.

Make every learning moment count

We turn everyday life into stories and help even the busiest of parents engage children in meaningful learning sessions.

Inspire play that matters

We integrate invitation-to-play in our stories such as art and craft, experiments and role-play that develop cognitive and motor skills.

Read, draw, write, create

Tap into children’s creativity with our read-draw-write learning concept, where children take part in the storytelling process and gain literacy skills along the way.

See what we’ve been up to

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